Wagyu - The World's Most Luxurious Steak


Wagyu Beef

Wagyu beef is known as one of the finest foods on the planet, with fatty great marbles, delicious flavor, and a reputation for being misunderstood.

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Wagyu beef—that fatty, copious marbling that creates a luxurious, buttery tenderness unlike any steak from cattle raised in America, transcendentally tender, and umami-rich steak—has become synonymous with luxury in the same way that truffles and caviar have.

No matter how many Michelin-starred menus this delicacy graces, even the most seasoned diners struggle to grasp all the facts about Wagyu steak.

“It’s a tremendously fascinating but confusing world,” says one of the Wagyu E-commerce firm CEOs, who confesses that it wasn’t until he’d talked enough with Japanese slaughterhouse owners and farmers that he felt he completely understood Wagyu."There is a lot of stuff out there that's not factual, primarily unintentionally, but possibly some purposely," says the CEO.

Because of the prestige associated with Wagyu and the premium price it commands (a pound can easily reach into the triple digits), some people use the term "Wagyu" and related terms as a marketing gimmick, even if the purveyor is not selling the luxury variety.



All facts of Wagyu

So, what Wagyu beef exactly is about, and why does it taste and feel so different from any other steak from cattle raised in the United States that you have ever had?

We have enlisted the help for you to understand Wagyu.


Fundamental - What is Wagyu?

If you are a beef lover, you might have heard about Wagyu (和牛 -わぎゅう), but here is again all about Wagyu you should know.

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Difference - American Wagyu or Japanese Wagyu?

You can still buy American Wagyu somewhere, but what's the difference between American and Japanese Wagyu? Here it is.

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How - How are Wagyu raised?

There's a common misperception that Wagyu is produced in the same way. Good time to understand how Wagyu cows are raised.

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More - What's the Difference between Wagyu and Kobe Beef?

You may have heard the term "kobe" used interchangeably with "wagyu," or to promote a high-priced cut of beef. So, what exactly is Kobe beef?

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