Japanese Wagyu beef

About The Best Wagyu

If you are a beef lover, you might have heard before some Japanese grading numbers or prefectures which are almost impossible to remember and pronounce. Some of these terms are complicated to understand for consumers in the United States because they are very technical. People might think they understand familiar terms like “wagyu”, but in actuality, there are a lot of misconceptions. In the recent trend, customers and chefs at restaurants started seeking more information on “what they are actually eating”, wanting to know exactly where it came from. Let us help you here with insights about Wagyu for more enjoyment. Do not be afraid -- cows do not bite you. With a little bit of knowledge and appetite, Wagyu can become a wider part of our daily lives

Wagyu can literally be translated into “Japanese cow”. “Wa” means Japanese, and “Gyu” means cow or beef. However, Wa does not simply denote something as originating from Japan -- it implies its significance and harmony in Japanese culture. More importantly, it represents the Japanese state of mind, harmony, and peace.

Wagyu refers to beef obtained from cattle breed in Japan. Only four breeds are approved to be called Wagyu. Even if the cow was born and raised in Japan, other than these four, it cannot be considered as a Wagyu.