Japanese Wagyu beef


Wagyu, raised one by one like a part of the family

From the birth to the shipment, Wagyu are given individual names and nurtured like a part of the family.  The fine taste of Wagyu comes from the tender, loving care that goes into their breeding.


How Wagyu are raised

Wagyu calves stay at a farm up to 7 to 10 months after the birth. And theywill be sent to the calf auction market, after which they are fattened until approx. 700kg (1543.24lb) before the shipment.  Separated soon after the birth, calves are fed with milk replacers one-by-one by hand. Another example of the tender care they receive is how some farms provide their calves with handmade calf jackets when the weather gets colder.  On the fattening farm, Wagyu are raised in beef cattle barns instead of in large-scale feedlots and are given individual names.


Rice straws make delicious Wagyu

In addition to roughage such as grass and rice straws and concentrate, the cattle are fed by whole crop silage, which is essential for developing the marbling and white color of fat.


Grazing for the birth of healthy calves

Breeding cattle and pregnant cattle are put to grazing so that they can deliver healthy calves.